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Success CBI-309N - underground live cable locator

Energized cablesEnergized

Success CBI-309N - underground live cable locator

The Modern digital device in monoblock body with a large LCD display.

It locates the cable in passive mode. 

Key features

  • Indication of utility direction on the screen.
  • Automatic measurement of utility depth and current of the cable.
  • Compatibility with all TECHNO-AC transmitters.
LCD screenLCD
Utility detection depthUtility
Utility position indicationUtility

Description of cable locator Success CBI-309N

  • Monoblock cable locator with a large LCD display.
  • Indication of utility on the screen.
  • Digital measurement of the depth (up to 10 m) and current rate.

Application of cable locator Success CBI-309N

  • Detection of energized cables.
  • Location of underground utilities (gas pipes, pipes, power and telecom cables).
  • Measurement of burial depth up to 10 m.

Features of AP-019.1 receiver

  • Advanced digital monoblock receiver AP-019.1.
  • Indication of utility on the screen.
  • Automatic measurement of burial depth and current rate.
  • Several indication modes: "Route", "Graph", "Graph+", "MIN&MAX", "R.dis." (Relative distance to the utility) and "2 frequencies" which allow operator to utilize full potential of device.
  • Additional functions when connecting external sensors.
  • Vast range of supported frequencies (50(60) / 100 (120) / 512 / 1024 / 8192 / 32768 Hz, WideBand 40…8000 Hz, Radio 8…40 kHz).
  • Menu in English and Russian.

Functional features of AP-019.1 in different operation modes

"Route" mode

"Route" mode screen is considered to be main. Utility axis position, burial depth and current of the utility are indicated on LCD screen. Detection of utility is performed in semi-automatic mode clearly and quickly.

Route mode

"Graph" mode

Moving graph of signal strength level at the selected frequency is indicated together with utility position. "Graph" mode is used when the signal is too low or when the electromagnetic field is distorted.

Graph mode

"Graph+" mode

This mode provides the location of energized power cables which cross another located utility.

Graph+ mode

"MIN&MAX" mode

The "MIN&MAX" mode on the graphs of signal level changes helps to locate the center of a cable or pipe more accurately. Also it helps indicating several utilities laying nearby.

MIN&MAX mode

"R.dis." modes (Relative distance to the utility)

These modes are used when cables and pipes are positioned close to each other to measure burial depth of located utilities.

R.dis. modes (Relative distance to the utility)

R.dis. modes (Relative distance to the utility)

"2 frequencies" mode

In the "2 frequencies mode", the cable condition and pipeline protection diagnostic is performed using the transmitter.

2 frequencies mode

AP-019.1 operation for utilities tracing

During the operation there will be the following indication on the screen:

AP-019 operation for utilities tracing

  1. There is indication in the form of point on the screen, it means the utility is far away from the operator. It’s necessary to move towards the point.
  2. The utility axis is appeared on the screen and its position relative to the operator.
  3. The axis in the middle shows that the operator is above the utility. There is automatically calculation of the depth and current.

Cable locator Success CBI-309N is recommended for application in the following industries

  • Power.
  • Telecommunication.
  • Construction.
  • Public utilities.
  • Heat and water supply.
  • Oil and gas industry.

Specifications of AP-019.1 receiver

Parameter Value
Receiver filter centre frequency Switching 50(60) / 100(120) / 512 / 1024 / 8192 / 32768 Hz
"Wide band" frequency band 0,04...8 kHz
Frequency range "Radio" 8...40 kHz
Maximum amplification factor of the electric path 120 dB
Dynamic range of the input signal 100 dB
Number of embedded sensors 4
Max. sensitivity 5 mkA at 1m distance (at 33 kHz)
Selectivity Q-3 dB>100, stopband supression up to 120 dB
Sensors type Inductive
Sensitivity control - Auto - for 2D display "Route";
- Semi-automatic or manual (optional) - for the "Graphics";
- Automatic or manual (optional) - for the "2F" mode
Determination the burial depth of the route Automatically in "Route" mode 0...10 m
Laying depth identification accuracy ±5%
Identification of the effective current in the route Automatically in "Route" mode 0.001...49,99 A
Accuracy of current measurement of received signal ±5%
Support of energy saving (intermittent) modes of the route locating transmitters At combined work with the route locating transmitters made by "TECHNO-AC" ("Pulse" mode)
Visual indication Graphic display LCD display, 320x240 pix., with LED backlight
Induced parameters - Parameters of setting and control;
- 2D visualization of the route location relative to the device;
- Graphics of the signal level from sensors;
- Route burial depth - signal current
Audio indication - Headphones: natural filtered sound
- Built-in transmitter: synthesized sound FM, sound indication of buttons pressing
Permissible impedance of the headphones Min. 32 Ohm
Power source 4...7 V (4 type C batteries)
Time of continuous operation from the single battery set Not less than 20 hours
Automatic shutdown when the device is not active After 30 minutes of inactivity
Operating /storage temperature range -20...+60 / -30...+60°С
Dust and water protection degree IP54
Dimensions 330x140x700 mm
Weight 2,4 kg

Basic set

Name Quantity
1 Receiver АP-019.1 1 pcs.
2 Operation manual 1 pcs.


Compatible with the receivers АP-019, AP-027.

Compatible with the receivers АP-019, AP-027.

Compatible with the receivers АP-019 and AP-027.

Sensor is used for precise location of a single cable in a bunch of other cables.

Compatible with the receivers AP-019 and AP-027.

It is used for the selection of the cable from a bunch, for location of internal wiring and cable fault location.

Set of type C rechargeable accumulators and charger for AP-019 and AG-105.

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