8 FEB 2023
1:00 PM Moscow time
The most powerful cable & pipe locator by TECHNO-AC
This Wednesday we will unleash full potential of TECHNO-AC cable & pipe locators! Join our webinar.

Water leak detectors TECHNO-AC


  • Location of leaks from heat and water supply systems using acoustic method.
  • Location and depth measurement of underground utilities.

Our water leak detectors allow to

  • Find and pinpoint leaks on a water network under paved and unpaved surfaces.
  • Prevent unnecessary excavation works.
  • Locate the leak at valves and hydrants, in water pipes of small diameters and in hard-to-reach places by using special extra tools.
  • Isolate parasitic noise and focus on the potential leak sound.


Operation is done faster

  • Less time is spent to locate leaks.
  • Less time is needed to eliminate accidents.

Less money spent

  • Accurate location of the pipeline damage helps to save money and time to eliminate accidents.
  • Accurate diagnostics of water leaks helps to avoid expenses for additional excavation works and restoration of landscaping.

More money earned

  • You can provide services to locate water leaks.
  • You can lease your device to other companies.
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