8 FEB 2023
1:00 PM Moscow time
The most powerful cable & pipe locator by TECHNO-AC
This Wednesday we will unleash full potential of TECHNO-AC cable & pipe locators! Join our webinar.

Cable and pipe locators TECHNO-AC


  • Location and depth measurement of cable lines, armored fiber-optic cables, metal and non-metal pipes.
  • Area survey before excavation in order to prevent damages of underground utilities.
  • Cable and pipe insulation fault detection.

Our cable and pipe locators allow to

  • Locate cables and pipes fast and accurately.
  • Determine the depth of the buried utility up to 10 m.
  • Detect buried utilities effectively even in the distorted areas.
  • Operate in various weather conditions.


Faster operation

  • Less time is spent to find the location of utilities.
  • Less time is required to eliminate accidents.

Less money spent

  • Accurate location of utilities helps to avoid additional expenses on their repair in case of damage during excavation works.
  • Accurate location of utilities before excavation works helps to avoid additional expenses on restoration of landscaping.

More money earned

  • You can provide services to locate utilities.
  • You can lease your device to other companies.
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