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The most powerful cable & pipe locator by TECHNO-AC
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Cable and pipe locator Success AG-309.15G

Energized cablesEnergized
Non energized cablesNon
Armored fiber optic cablesArmored
Metal pipelinesMetal

The set for fast and accurate location of underground utilities and their depth measurement.

Key features

  • Indication of utility position on the screen.
  • Automatic measurement of utility depth and current rate of the cable.
  • The set includes an autonomous transmitter AG-105 with electrical power up to 20 W and built-in inductive antenna for tracing up to 3 km.
LCD screenLCD
Utility detection depthUtility
Tracing distanceTracing
Utility position indicationUtility


AG-309.15G is high-precision utility locating instrument. It is a result of 30 years of TECHNO-AC experience in underground cable & pipe location.

This utility locator features large LCD display which indicates actual position of cable or pipe. Moreover, after locating the position, an operator can measure burial depth of located utility without pressing any buttons and store GPS coordinates of located utility.

This model is equipped with 20 W transmitter. It is twice powerful in comparison to other brands. This particular model allows to trace underground cables & pipes up to 3 kilometers. However, this distance can be increased up to 10 kilometers by using more powerful signal transmitter.

  • Monoblock receiver AP-019.3 with built-in GPS/GLONASS module.
  • 20 W AG-105 transmitter.
  • High precision location of underground utilities up to 10 m.
  • Direct digital measurement of cable current up to 10 amperes.
  • Location of non-conductive and non-metallic utilities with optional pushing rod and pipe sonde.

Locator supports most required utility connection methods

  • Direct connection with crocodile clamp (pipe magnet is supplied in standard set).
  • Wireless induction with antenna, built into signal transmitter.
  • Clamping.

Brief description

  • Three modes of operation: "ROUTE”, "GRAPHIC”, “FRIEND-OR-FOE”.
  • Three inbuilt sensors make omnidirectional antenna showing a direction of a cable or a metal pipeline on LCD display.
  • Inbuilt sensor for digital measurement of the depth and current.
  • Measured depth is 10 m.
  • Passive frequency: Power, Radio, BB.
  • Active frequency: 512 / 1024 / 8192 / 32768 Hz.
  • Sensitivity: 100 μA.
  • Large LCD display with high resolution and adjustable backlight brightness.
  • Transmitter 20 W.
  • Cast body: the case is sealed along the entire length to the connectors.
  • GPS/GLONASS module for accurate positioning of the located utility.
  • Mini-USB cable and desktop software for uploading and processing the data from the receiver.
  • Warranty 1 year.


  • Detection of cables and any metal pipelines underground up to 10 m.
  • Direct digital measurement of the depth up to 10 m.
  • Indication of the deviation from the utility axis in the mode “ROUTE”.
  • Direct digital measurement of the current.
  • Survey the ground before the excavation works.
  • Tracing of undergroune utilities at distance up to 3 km.

Optional application

Location of cable and pipe insulation damages with contact and non-contact method using external sensors DKI-117 and DODK-117.

Specifications receiver AP-019.3

Parameter Value
Quasi-resonant frequencies of the filter 50(60) / 100(120) / 512 / 1024 / 8192 / 32768 Hz
Quasiresonant filter quality factor (Q) Not less than 100
Frequency range "Broad band" 0,04 to 8 kHz
Frequency range "Radio" 8 to 40 kHz
The maximum gain of the electric path >100 dB
Number of built-in sensors 4
Connected external sensors CI-105, HP-117, DODK-117, DKI-117 (made by "TECHNO-AC")
Sensitivity control - Auto - for 2D display «Route»;
- Semi-automatic or manual (optional) - for the «Graphics»;
- Automatic or manual (optional) - for the «2F» mode
Determination the burial depth of the route Automatically in the mode Route 0 to 9,99 m
The accuracy of determining of the depth ±5%
Measurement of the current of the signal received Automatically in the mode Route 0.001 to 9.99 A
Accuracy of the measurement of the current of the signal received ±5%
Support of energy saving (intermittent) modes of the route locating generators At combined work with the route locating generators made by "TECHNO-AC" ("Pulse" mode)
Visual indication LCD display, 320x240 pix, LED lighting
Induced parameters - Parameters of setting and control;
- 2D visualization of the route location relative to the device;
- Graphics of the signal level from sensors;
- Route burial depth;
- Signal current
Audio indication Built-in transmitter - synthesized sound HM - sound indication of buttons pressing
Power supply source 4 to 7 V (4 elements of C type)
Time of continuous work from the one complete of the alkaline batteries Not less than 20 hours
Temperature range for storage / operation -30 to 60°С / -20 to 60°С
House protection degree IP54
Dimensions 330x140x700 mm
Weight 2,4 kg

Specifications transmitter AG-105

Parameter Value
The frequencies of the continuous «Co» or pulse «Pu» signal, Hz ± 0,1% - «kHz»
Load «clips» or «clamp» 512 - «0.5» / 1024 - «1.0» / 8192 - «8.2» / 32768 - «33»
«Antenna» modes 8192 - «8.2» / 32768 - «33»
Operating modes
«Antenna» modes Internal transmitting inductor «In»
External induction transmitting antenna «An»
«Modulation» modes (special form signal) - Pulse «Pu» (short-term transmissions of the sine signals);
- Transmission duration 0,12 sec.;
- Transmissions repetition frequency 1 Hz
- Dual-frequency «2F» (simultaneous frequency generation 1024 Hz, 8192 Hz);
- Amplitudes ratio 4/1 (respectively)
Output parameters under power supply voltage 12…15 V
Output current, А
Restricted by the program under manual increment, ≥ 5 - at frequency 512 Hz «0.5» / 1024 Hz «1.0» / 8192 Hz «8.2» / «2F»
3 - at frequency 32768 Hz «33»
Set by the program for automatic adjustment with the external load of «clips» or «clamp», ≥ 0,2 - at frequency 512 Hz «0.5» / 1024 Hz «1.0» / «2F»
0,1 - at frequency 8192 Hz «8.2» / 32768 Hz «33»
Maximum output voltage, V
Depending on «modulation», ≥ 32 - in the dual-frequency modulation mode «2F»
40 - in other modes
Maximum output power, W
Restricted by the program, ≥ 20 - in the continuous «Co» and pulse «Pu» modes at frequencies 512 Hz «0.5» / 1024 Hz «1.0» / 8192 Hz «8.2» at load resistance up to 80 Ω In dual-frequency mode «2F» at load resistance up to 50 Ω
6 - at frequency 32768 Hz «33» at load resistance up to 260 Ω
Power supply sources
Operating range of the supply voltages Minimally acceptable voltage for oscillation start-up - 7 V
Maximum allowed voltage for operation - 15 V
Automatic shutdown voltage in the “oscillation” mode < 4,2 V
Battery set 8 «alkaline» cells 1,5 V «type С» (recommended – «Duracell ® ULTRA»)
External power supply sources (optional) - Battery «12 V» (e.g. automotive);
- Output voltage 11…14 V, maximum current not less than 4 А
- Mains power supply adapter АG114М.02.020 (extra accessory based on GS60A15-P1J «MEAN WELL»);
- Output voltage 15 V, power 60 W
Operating time («life cycle») While in operation of the battery set «type Сх8» is defined by the quality (capacity and «load capability») of the applied alkaline cells and can be equal to from 4 to 6 hours in the «Co» и «2F» modes or from 20 to 30 hours in the «Pu» mode at initial output voltage 7 W in «continuous» modes «Co» / «2F» or at initial output voltage 15 W in pulse modulation mode «Pu»
Under the external power supply is fully conditioned by this external energy source characteristics therefore under mains supply operating time is unlimited

Standard set

1 Receiver АP-019.3
2 Transmitter АG-105
3 CD with desktop software
4 Mini-USB cable
5 Power connection cable AG120.02.080
6 External power supply cable AG120.02.070
7 Grounding rod
8 Grounding cable
9 Contact magnetic
10 Set carrying bag
11 Receiver bag
12 Operation manual
13 Technical passport


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