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Digital thermometer DT-504

A device with the ability to connect detachable probes for solving various problems.

Categories: Digital thermometers


Portable, single-channel thermometer DT-504 with replaceable probes is used to measure the temperature of different medium by direct contact of the probe with measurement object.

It is designed to measure the tempe-rature of various objects with a reso-lution of 1°C.

Digital Thermometers consist of electronic unit and replaceable probes.

As thermosensitive elements in probes thermocouples are used.

  • Changeable probe.
  • Measurement of temperature with resolution 1°С.
  • Low power consumption (at least 350 hours of operation from one set of batteries).
  • Large display with bright backlight.
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Powered by standard AA batteries.


DT-504 is used for highly precise measurement of temperature by direct contact with the measurement object.

Due to the possibility of changing the probe, measurements can be carried out for almost any media: liquid, dry, solid.

Connectable probes

  • Penetration (normal, enforced, for viscous and normal liquids).
  • Surface (normal, bent, high-temperature).


All DT-5 digital thermometers are calibrated and certified as measurement instruments in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

Contact us if you want to check id DT-5 are certified for your country.

Specifications thermometer DT-504

Parameter Value
Measured temperature range -100...+1800 (depends on the type of used probe)
Relative instrumental error ±1% + least significant digit value
Resolution 1°C
Number of replaceable probes types 22
Terms of use: -20...+50°C
Relative humidity less than 80% at T=35°C
Atmospheric pressure 86...106 kPa
Voltage 1.5x2 V

Basic set

1 Digital thermometer DT-504 - 1
2 1.5 V battery, type AA - 2
3 Operation manual (in English) - 1
4 Packaging - 1


1 Battery charger for AA batteries
2 Battery AA 1.2 V (2850 mA)
3 Case 53141 for a thermometer with 1 probe
4 Case 53142 for a thermometer with 2 probes
5 Case 53143 for a thermometer with 3 probes
6 Case 53134 for thermometer with 4 probes


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