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Digital penetration thermometer DT-501P

A device with a non-detachable probe for measuring the temperature of liquids and bulk materials by penetrating the probe in the measured medium.

Categories: Digital thermometers


Portable digital thermometer DT-501P with a non-replaceable penetration probe.

Simple, reliable and affordable device.

It quickly measures the temperature of liquids, gel-like, semi-solid and dry substances.

  • Measurement accuracy (resolution) of 0.1°C.
  • LCD display with backlight.
  • Easy operation.
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Powered by standard AA batteries.


  • The DT-501P is used to measure the temperature of liquid, dry medium by direct contact of the probe with measurement object.
  • The thermometer consists of an electronic unit and a non-replaceable penetration probe.
  • As thermosensitive elements in probes thermocouples are used.


All DT-5 digital thermometers are calibrated and certified as measurement instruments in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

Contact us if you want to check id DT-5 are certified for your country.

Specifications thermometer DT-501P

Parameter Value
Measured temperature range -40...+200°C
Relative instrumental error ±0.5% + least significant digit value
Resolution 0.1°C
Number of replaceable probes types one non-replaceable surface probe
Terms of use -20...+50°C
Relative humidity less than 80% at T = 35°C
Atmospheric pressure 86...106 kPa
Voltage 1.5x2 V

Basic set

1 DT-501P thermometer with non-replaceable penetration probe - 1
2 1.5 V battery, type AA - 2
3 Operation manual (in English) - 1


1 Battery charger for AA batteries
2 Battery AA 1.2 V (2850 mA)
3 Case 53141
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