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The most powerful cable & pipe locator by TECHNO-AC
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PVC pipe locator Success 309MAG

Metal pipelinesMetal
Non-metal pipelinesNon-

The set for non-metal pipes location and their depth measurement with the help of a portable transmitter-probe and monoblock receiver.

Key features

  • Electromagnetic tracing of non-metal pipes at the depth up to 5 meters.
  • In-built GPS module to get coordinates and upload them to PC.
LCD screenLCD
Utility detection depthLeak
Tracing distanceTracing
Utility position indicationUtility


Pipe transmitter with digital receiver for location of non-metal pipes and ducts.

  • AP-019.3 digital receiver with GPS.
  • Digital depth measurement up to 10 meters.
  • MAG-05 sonde with distance of tracing up to 110 meters.

Brief description

  • Three inbuilt sensors make omnidirectional antenna showing a cable direction on large LCD display.
  • Inbuilt sensor for digital measurement of the depth and current.
  • GPS/GLONASS module for accurate positioning of the located utility.
  • Mini-USB cable and desktop software for uploading and processing the data from the receiver.
  • Warranty 1 year.


  • PVC pipe location at depth up to 5 meters and at 512 Hz frequency.
  • Cable duct and channel tracing.
  • Measurement of pipe depth.
  • GPS/GLONASS positioning of the located route.

Specifications receiver AP-019.3

Parameter Value
Quasi-resonant frequencies of the filter 50(60) / 100(120) / 512 / 1024 / 8192 / 32768 Hz
Quasiresonant filter quality factor (Q) Not less than 100
Frequency range "Broad band" 0,04 to 8 kHz
Frequency range "Radio" 8 to 40 kHz
The maximum gain of the electric path >100 dB
Number of built-in sensors 4
Connected external sensors CI-105, HP-117, DODK-117, DKI-117 (made by "TECHNO-AC")
Sensitivity control - Auto - for 2D display «Route»;
- Semi-automatic or manual (optional) - for the «Graphics»;
- Automatic or manual (optional) - for the «2F» mode
Determination the burial depth of the route Automatically in the mode Route 0 to 9,99 m
The accuracy of determining of the depth ±5%
Measurement of the current of the signal received Automatically in the mode Route 0.001 to 9.99 A
Accuracy of the measurement of the current of the signal received ±5%
Support of energy saving (intermittent) modes of the route locating generators At combined work with the route locating generators made by "TECHNO-AC" ("Pulse" mode)
Visual indication LCD display, 320x240 pix, LED lighting
Induced parameters - Parameters of setting and control;
- 2D visualization of the route location relative to the device;
- Graphics of the signal level from sensors;
- Route burial depth;
- Signal current
Audio indication Built-in transmitter - synthesized sound HM - sound indication of buttons pressing
Power supply source 4 to 7 V (4 elements of C type)
Time of continuous work from the one complete of the alkaline batteries Not less than 20 hours
Temperature range for storage / operation -30 to +60°С / -20 to +60°С
House protection degree IP54
Dimensions 330x140x700 mm
Weight 2,4 kg

Specifications MAG-05.Х.ХХ

Parameter Value
Transmitter frequency 512Hz
Diameter of pipe transmitter 40 mm
Weight of pipe transmitter 318g ±20g
Pipe transmitter operation time up to 5 hours
Pushing rod of Cable pulling system diameter 6 mm
Additional wire cable diameter 2 mm

Standard set

1 Receiver АP-019.3
2 Set of pipe transmitter MAG-05.Х.ХХ
3 Receiver bag
4 CD with desktop software
5 Mini-USB cable
6 Operation manual
7 Technical passport


Electromagnetic PVC pipe sonde locator 309MAG

Review and demonstration of Electromagnetic PVC pipe sonde locator 309MAG.

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