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CI - induction clamp, 125 mm

CI - induction clamp, 125 mm

Appliable with transmitters AG-105, AG-107, AG-120 and AG-144.1.

Key features

  • Sending a signal from the transmitter to a particular cable line using non-contact (induction) method to make tracing of this cable easier in difficult urban conditions.
  • Selection of a cable from a bunch (with receivers AP-019 and AP-027).
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CI clamp are used for wireless induction of tracing signal from utility location transmitter to the located utility. Generally used for utility location at complex city areas.

Inductive clamp CI, 125 mm:

  • Contactless induction of signal into cable or conducting line. The signal should have specific frequency and limited power, generated by AG-105, AG-107, AG-120 or AG-144.1 location transmitter.
  • External locating receiver sensor when it is necessary to locate the cable in a bunch.

Operation method

Cable location (including lines under voltage)

  • Connect induction clamp to output socket of the transmitter.
  • Set the type of generation (pulse or continuous) and select signal frequency.
  • Brace the cable with clamp. Make sure, both half-rings touch each other.
  • Start the generation on transmitter.
  • Select transmitted frequency in location receiver settings menu and locate the utility.
  • After finishing the location, stop the generation on transmitter.
  • Remove the clamp from the cable.

Selection of the cable from a bunch

  • Induce tracing signal of test frequency on selected cable.
  • Select same frequency as on transmitter in locating receiver menu and locate the cable.
  • Connect inductive clamp to locating receiver.
  • Consequently, brace each cable one by one in a bunch. Maximum signal level on receiver screen will indicate the cable you are looking for.
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