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Water leak detector Success ATP-434N

Water leak from pipelineWater
Energized cablesEnergized

The portable water leak detector with the function of energized cables detection.

Key features

  • Frequency spectrum of the audio signal indication.
  • Frequency filter bandwidth adjustment.
  • Accidental acoustic noise protection.
LCD screenLCD
Utility detection depthLeak
Utility detection depthUtility


Acoustic water leak detector for metal and non-metal underground pipelines combined with extra function: detection of underground energized cable.

  • AP-027 digital location receiver.
  • Acoustic sensor AD- 227.
  • EMD-247 electromagnetic sensor.
  • Three modes of operation: leak detection, passive cable location, BB.
  • Protection from random acoustic noise.

Brief description

  • Two modes of operation: leak detection and cable location.
  • Storage of 31 signal level with a graph displayed.
  • Visual indication of the signal on the display: scale, graph and spectrum.
  • Graphic visualization (moving chart) of sequence of measurements, max and min signal levels.
  • Extra function of energized cable detection underground.
  • Sound indication.
  • Protection from random acoustic noise.
  • Choice of bandwidth.
  • Two-segment indication of frequency spectrum (and “filtered”) signal.
  • Light weight.
  • Comfortable to wear for long terms.
  • LCD display.
  • Warranty: 1 year.


  • Water leak detection from the pipelines (plastic or metal) underground up to 3 m depth.
  • Water leak detection inside the house.
  • Detection of energized cables underground up to 3 m depth.
  • Measurement of the depth by indirect electromagnetic method.

Specifications receiver AP-027

Parameter Tracing Leak detection
Type of accepted signal Continious /pulse Continious signal
Frequencies of the receiver’s filter Central frequency of quasi- resonant filter 50...60 Hz,100 to 450 Hz through 50 Hz, 120 to 540 Hz through 60 Hz, 512 Hz / 1024 Hz / 8192 Hz/ 33kHz - Range limitation "below" 0,1 / 0,15 / 0,21 / 0,31 / 0,45 / 0,65 / 0,95 / 1,38 kHz;
- Range limitation "above" 2,00 / 1,38 / 0,95 / 0,65 / 0,45 / 0,31 / 0,21 / 0,15 kHz
«Broadband», (operating mode) 0,05 to 8,6 kHz 0,09 to 2,20 kHz
Gain factor 100 dB 120 dB
Visual indication Liquid-crystal display-symbols and meaning of the chosen modes and parameters:
- animated (moving) scale of the output signal level;
- digital value and animated (moving) scale of the output signal level;
- graphic (moving diagram) of the output signal level - frequency content of the output signal level;
- digital and graphic display of output signal levels kept in the "memory"
Sound indication Headphones natural broadband or filtered signal
Headphones-synthesized sound. Frequency modulation -
Built-in emitter - synthesized sound. Frequency modulation -
Supply Voltage 4…7 V - alkaline batteries АА type 1,5 V (4 pcs.)
Time of continuous operation not less than 20 hours
Ambient temperature -20°С to +50°С
Ingress protection rating IP54
Receiver AP-027 dimensions 220x102x42 mm
Weight of the electronic unit 0,46 kg

Standard set

1 Receiver AP-027
2 Electromagnetic sensor EMD-247
3 Acoustic sensor AD-227
4 Carrying rod for AD-227
5 Extension carrying rod for AD-227
6 Contact rods for AD-227
7 Magnet for AD-227
8 Holder for AP-027
9 Headphones
10 Screwdriver
11 Manual and passport
12 Set carrying bag
13 EMD carrying bag


Receiver AP-027

Demonstration & review of digital location receiver AP-027.

Multifunctional search receiver AP-027

Accessories available for digital location receiver AP-027.

Buttons mapping AP-027

This video shows hows the controls of AP-027.

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