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MAG-05.2.XX - set of small-sized transmitter

MAG-05.2.XX - set of small-sized transmitter

Compatible with the receiver AP-019.3.

Key features

  • Tracing and detection of the depth of non-metal pipelines, storm-sewers up to 5 m.
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Set of pipe transmitter MAG-05.2.XX is used for location and depth measurement of non-conducting pipelines and drain channels on the depth up to 5 m. It is used with the receivers supporting 512 Hz frequency and "Sonde" mode.

Principle of tracing non-metallic pipelines

Small-sized transmitter MAG-05, which emits an electromagnetic field, is placed on the pipeline problem area with the help of the cable of the pushing rod.

When moving the receiver on the ground (when the receiver axis is perpendicular to the utility axis) along the utility axis in the receiver coil is induced a signal with two local minima, a general maximum and two false peaks. When moving the receiver across the axis of the transmitter, there are no local minima and false peaks of the signal.

Pipe transmitter set MAG-05.X.XX
Pipe transmitter set MAG-05.X.XX

The position of local signal minimums and maximums is used to accurately locate the probe.

The location of the probe is detected by the location with the maximum signal strength. The receiver measures the depth of the probe correctly only when it is positioned at a point above the probe and the horizontal position of the probe.

Features of MAG-05.2.XX transmitter set

Transmitter set MAG-05.2.XX allows for sections of the pipeline, where there is the possibility of access to the pipeline on both sides, to ensure the warranty removal of the transmitter in case it gets stuck or breaks away, to apply the method of tracing with an auxiliary rope.

In this case, the following procedure is applied:

  • On the pushing rod instead of the transmitter, install a plug.
  • Using the pushing rod, push the plug to the end of the channel.
  • Replace plug with transmitter with a battery and a cap.
  • Hook the auxiliary rope to the cap with a carabiner.
  • Trace the utility by moving (pulling) the sonde with the pushing rod.

Pipe transmitter set MAG-05.2.XX

If the sonde gets stuck in the utility or is detached from the pushing rod, the sonde is removed from the channel with an auxiliary rope.

Designation of modifications of the transmitter MAG-05.2.ХХ

Modification Length of the pushing rod, m Length of the auxiliary rope, m
MAG-05.2.20 20 30
MAG-05.2.40 40 50
MAG-05.2.80 80 90
MAG-05.2.100 100 110


Parameter Value
Transmitter frequency 512Hz
Diameter of pipe transmitter 40 mm
Weight of pipe transmitter 318g ± 20g
Pipe transmitter operation time up to 5 hours
Pushing rod of Cable pulling system diameter 6 mm
Additional wire cable diameter 2 mm

Basic set

Name Quantity
1 Cable pulling system 1 pcs.
2 Portable pipe transmitter MAG-05 1 pcs.
3 Accumulator 1 pcs.
4 Charger 1 pcs.
5 Additonal LUX wire rope 1 pcs.
6 Plug 1 pcs.
7 Cap 1 pcs.
8 Clasp 1 pcs.


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