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Detection and locating, measuring equipment
Water leak detectors, cable and pipe locators

Welcome to our cable fault locator demo!

This Thursday, at our test field, we will show you how we locate cable faults with our two most effective cable fault location solutions.

First we will demonstrate our DKI-117 (A-frame) sensor which is used for pinpointing of cable insulation damage.

After that we will try to locate two cable faults with our TDR-TA4.7 time-domain reflectometer.

We will locate inter-phase short circuit and split damage of the cable.

Join us on the 25th of November at 1pm Moscow time.

Date & time of the event: The 25th of November, 1pm Moscow time. (Your local time of event will be indicated in registration form).

How to participate:

Follow this link

Ping us on WhatsApp: +79585598008

Send us an email, we will register you manually: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Welcome to our cable fault locator demo!