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Detection and locating, measuring equipment
Water leak detectors, cable and pipe locators

We’ve been preparing this for the last 6 months. Our famous digital thermometers are now on Global Market.

DT-5 series is high-quality measurement equipment. It is very popular on Russian market and we hope that it will find its customers all around the world.

With this equipment you can measure, store, monitor and export following values:

  1. Temperature
  2. Humidity
  3. Dew point calculation

With thermometers we launch 32 connectable probes for all possible types of matters. These are high-precision probes commonly required by all industries.

Moreover, we propose special connectors for your most demanded thermocouples K, L, B, R, S.

Our most advanced models of thermometers support logging feature and allow you to upload temperature\humidity logs to your personal computer.

You can check all our new products at dedicated section of our website.

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TECHNO-AC launches Digital Thermometers to Global Market!