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Detection and locating, measuring equipment
Water leak detectors, cable and pipe locators

This summer out developers worked hard in order to make new instrument from TECHNO-AC.
They’ve made it! It is new utility locating receiver - AP-019.3.

Alongside it’s cable and pipe locating functions this device has following new features.

Locating receiver AP-019.3

Built-in GPS\GLONASS module:

New receiver connects to GPS\GLONASS satellites and detects the position of the located utility.

The coordinates of located utility are stored in device’s memory. This data can be uploaded to your PC!

PC connection function:

All data stored in device’s memory (GPS coordinates, utility burial depth, operating frequency, signal current) can be uploaded to
your personal computer via mini-USB cable. GPS coordinates can be saved to csv or kml format for further analysis!

PC software for data analysis:

Our programmers developed a desktop application allowing to store and edit the received data. You can also align the received
coordinates with Google maps in real time.

PC software for data analysis

New mode for location of non-metal and non-conductive pipelines:

Now your locator can be supplied with special portable 512Hz transmitter and pushing rod allowing to set the transmitter into the
pipe and trace it with your locator AP-019.3. You can also find out burial depth of located pipe by pressing a corresponding button
on the receiver.

Portable transmitter:

Portable transmitter

Pushing rod (available rod length - 20, 40, 80, 120 meters):

Pushing rod


We also have new inductive clamps for direct connection:

CI-110 and CI-105 models. All of them are available in different sizes and diameters.

CI-110 CI-105

All these new items of our product line will be available for purchase by the end of fall, 2016.

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