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Detection and locating, measuring equipment
Water leak detectors, cable and pipe locators

In Techno-AC we do our best in order to make equipment for fast and accurate leak detection.

We invite you to our online demo training for Water leak detector "Success AT-407N"

We will hear the actual noise of the leakage and try to locate it with ground microphone and digital receiver.

By applying digital filters, we will cut off all unwanted signal and see where is the leakage in the pipe coming from our building to a manhole.

Join us on the 10th of June, at 1 pm Moscow time.

Traditionally, we will have Q&A section after demo.

Date & time of the event:

The 27th of May, 1pm Moscow time.

How to participate:

Follow this link


Ping us on WhatsApp: +79161649804

Send us an email, we will register you manually: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How to detect water leakage?