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Detection and locating, measuring equipment
Water leak detectors, cable and pipe locators

We are happy to welcome you to our cable locator with cable fault locators training.

It is going to be a unique event which will be different from ordinary webinar.

We will give you a live presentation of our electromagnetic & TDR cable fault locators:

First we locate & identify the damage with TDR and later we will pinpoint it with DKI and DODK. You will get the idea of equipnent application and features.

In the end, we will have Question & Answer session. You will be able to ask our specialist any questions and we provide answers to them at once.

Date & time of the event

The 7th of October, Wednesday, 1pm Moscow time. (Your local time of event will be indicated in registration form).

Use the link for registration: register to the event.


Cable fault locators training by TECHNO-AC (TDR & Electromagnetic)