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Detection and locating, measuring equipment
Water leak detectors, cable and pipe locators

Following material will be helpful to builders, project offices and any organization performing excavation works.

Best choice for this application is cable & pipe locator "Success TPT-522N".

Key points of location method are given below

First of all, the area should be scanned with AP-027 receiver with electromagnetic sensor. This is done in order to locate electromagnetic field from energized power cables, pipelines with cathodic protection and other conducting utilities carrying signal with industrial frequencies. This scanning is done in "BROADBAND" mode.

After that it is necessary to locate dead cables and metal pipelines. This application is performed with signal transmitter and external inductive antenna IEM-301.3.

Connect inductive antenna to the transmitter, after that 8192Hz frequency will be selected automatically. Start the transmission.

In active mode area perimeter should be scanned with receiver in "Graph" mode, at transmitter frequency.

Often it is necessary to be sure that there is no utilities in particular point. To check that you need two persons. One persons stands with receiver above the scanned point and second persons holds the transmitter with antenna pointed towards the receiver . Person with transmitter moves around the person with receiver in 8-20m radius. While moving, antenna should be positioned towards the receiver.

Sometimes it is necessary to scan particular area. First scan one particular point as described above. After that, place the antenna horizontally on ground surface in the center of the area (antenna stand can be removed for that) Now, inductive antenna will be parallel to all possible underground utilities. (except for those which are directly below the antenna). Move with receiver across the area perimeter, measure the signal in two mutually perpendicular points. Signal level will indicate presence of underground utilities.