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Two-channel data logging thermometer DT-529

Digital, two-channel data logging thermometer DT-529 is used to measure the temperature of liquid, dry, gaseous medium by penetration of the probe in the medium (penetration measurement), contact measurement of the solid surfaces temperature (surface measurement), measurement of the relative humidity of the gaseous non-aggressive medium, atmospheric pressure measurement, air flow speed measurement.

DT-529, depending on the order are in set with different probes of different use.

Two-Channel Data Logging Thermometer 5.29 can be simultaneously mounted with probes of different types connected to the first channel and the resistance thermometer or sensor with unified current output 4..20 mA., connected to the second channel.

DT-529 has the function of automatic reading the type of connected probe.


  • Measurement of physical quantities with resolution 1; 0,1; 0.01 (can be set in menu);
  • Changeable probe;
  • Simultaneous use of two probes for measurement;
  • Dew point calculation;
  • Saving measurement readings on device’s SD-card;
  • Logging of readings at intervals from 1 second to 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds;
  • Displaying statistical data of measurement readings, such as max, min readings over the last 90 measurements;
  • Installed batteries or accumulators charge state indication;
  • Setting of the sound signal when the preset limit point of measurement quantity is exceeded;
  • Automatic hibernation after set downtime;
  • Automatic switch off after set downtime;
  • Graphic displaying the measurement readings change over time;
  • Readings in the form of the table or graph saved on SD-card;
  • Protection of batteries from over-discharging;
  • Connection with PC for device setting and saved data checking;
  • External power connection;
  • Automatic saving when switching off the current, averaged, max, min supply voltage, remaining operating time of the device.
  • Humidity, atmospheric pressure, luminosity measurement;
  • Simultaneous measurement of temperature and humidity;
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty;
  • Powered by standard AA batteries;
  • Graphic color display.



DT-529 is used for highly precise measurement and logging of the temperature, humidity and dew point temperature by direct contact with the measurement object.

Due to the possibility of changing the probe, measurements can be carried out for almost any media: liquid, dry, solid.

Two measurement channels and a logging function allow you to collect and store on the memory card detailed information about all measurements.

The software supplied with the device allows you to store and check the data on a computer.

Since one of the channels allows you to connect sensors and resistance thermometers with a current from 4 to 20 mA, we recommend the DT-529 as a logger for the joint use of sensors manufactured by TECHNO-AC and sensors of other brands.

Improved devices allow using high-precision probes for:

  • high-precision surface measurements;
  • high-precision air temperature measurements;
  • high-precision atmospheric pressure measurements;
  • work with thermocouples of types K, L, B, R, S;
  • work with sensors of other manufacturers;
  • simultaneous high-precision measurement of temperature and humidity.


Parameter Value
Limits of absolute additional instrumental error when measuring temperature caused by changes in atmosphere temperature from normal (from +15 to +25°C) in the range from -20 to +50°C on each 10°C, °C ± 0,5
Limits of absolute additional instrumental error when measuring relative humidity caused by changes in atmosphere temperature from normal (from +15 to +25°C) in the range from -20 to +50°C on each 10°C, % ± 0,5
Limits of absolute additional instrumental error when measuring current signal caused by changes in atmosphere temperature from normal (from +15 to +25°C) in the range from -20 to +50°C on each 10°C, % ±0.5×Δ abs. instr.
DC power supply voltage, V 3
External DC power supply voltage, V 5
The length of the connecting cable between the electronic unit and the probe, m 1*
Weight of the electronic unit, less than, kg 0,2
Overall dimensions of the electronic unit, less than mm 180 × 70 × 27
Average error-free running time, at least, h 10000
Average operational life, at least, years 10

Connectable probes

Connectable probes:

  • Penetration probe PP-150
  • Penetration probe PP-300
  • Penetration probe PP-500
  • Enforced penetration probe EPP-150
  • Enforced penetration probe EPP-300
  • Enforced penetration probe EPP-500
  • Enforced penetration probe EPP-1000
  • Liquid penetration probe LPP-3000+
  • Viscous fluid penetration probe VPP-3000
  • Surface probe SP-150
  • Surface probe SP-300
  • Surface probe SP-500
  • Surface probe SP-1000
  • Bent surface probe BSP-300
  • Bent surface probe BSP-500
  • HT surface probe HTSP-300
  • HT surface probe HTSP-500
  • HT surface probe HTSP-1000
  • High-precision surface probe HPSP-150
  • High-precision surface probe HPSP-300
  • High-precision surface probe HPSP-500
  • Air probe AP-150
  • Air probe AP-500
  • Air probe AP-1000
  • High-precision air probe HPAP-150
  • Thermocouple probe TCP
  • Temperature & humidity probe THP-150
  • Temperature & humidity probe THP-500
  • Temperature & humidity probe THP-1000
  • Portable temperature & humidity probe PTHP
  • Flexible temperature & humidity probe FTHP
  • Atmospheric pressure probe APP
  • Any probe with output 4-20 mA

Standard set

Basic set:

  • Two-channel data logging thermometer DT-529 - 1
  • 1.5 V battery, type AA - 2
  • Operation manual (in English) - 1
  • Packaging - 1



  • Battery charger
  • Battery AA 1.2 V (2850 mA) - 2 pcs.
  • Case 53141 for a thermometer with 1 probe
  • Case 53142 for a thermometer with 2 probes
  • Case 53143 for a thermometer with 3 probes
  • Case 53134 for thermometer with 4 probes


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