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Power cable lines fault locator TDR-TA1.7

TDR-TA1.7 – a modern digital reflectometer designed specifically to find and diagnose faults in the power cable lines: open, short, sleeve, cable splice, parallel drainage, wet cable, etc.

TDR-TA1.7 reflectometer can be used to search for damage as the pulse method (effective for low-resistance defects), and as part of an electrical laboratory, pulsed-arc method (Arc-Reflection), allows to determine the high-resistance faults to hundreds of megohms.



The device TDR-TA1.7 is designed for measurements on balanced and unbalanced cables with a characteristic impedance of 25 to 600 ohms using the following methods:

PULSE METHOD (TDR) - the most accurate and safe mode – effective for the diagnosis of low-resistivity damages, searching interruptions and short-circuits:

  • cable length measurement;
  • measuring distances to the impedance discontinuities or damage;
  • measurement of the velocity factor of the line at a certain length thereof;
  • determine the nature of injuries.

The effectiveness of the device is significantly increased in the mobile electrical laboratory:

Arc Reflection Technique (Arc-Reflection) – as part of a mobile electrical laboratory can detect high impedance faults with an accuracy of pulse method: the measurement with pulse-arc method on the power cables uses the arc-reflection method that occurs for a short time in high-resistance point of the defect through the use of a high-voltage shock pulse generator. The method does not require the prior isolation burning and particularly effective when working on polyethylene sheath.

Sphere of application

Pulse TDR TDR-107 is used to control when installing or operating the following types of cable lines:

  • system Cables Communications;
  • signal and control cables;
  • power cable;
  • aerial cable lines;
  • computer Networks;
  • television and radio cable line;
  • to determine the length of the cable during its manufacture, storage and trade.


  • ability to apply two basic modern methods of diagnosis and fault location of cable lines: pulse method and pulse-arc method;
  • real time measuring;
  • asynchronous interference suppression;
  • 5.7 ” display with a resolution of 320×240 pixels;
  • non-volatile memory for 100 traces with the digitization of all measurement parameters;
  • pointwise subtraction mode to show only differences;
  • maximum range – 50 km;
  • compare mode with a trace from the device memory;
  • preview mode waveforms with text notes from memory;
  • built-in table velocity factor of 200 values​​, with the possibility of replenishment;
  • PC data exchange;
  • splash proof hermetical body with high mechanical strength (protection class IP67).



Parameter Value
Measurement Modes
  • Pulse (TDR)
  • pulsed arc (Arc-Reflection)
Monochrome LCD display 5.7″ (320×240 pixels)
Range measuring distance (delay time) from 0 to 50000 m (0 to 500 ms)
Sub-bands of distance (time delay) 0 – 250 m (0 – 2.5 ms), 0 – 500 m (0 -5 ms), 0 – 1000 m (0 – 10 ms), 0 – 2500 m (0 – 25 ms), 0 – 5000 m (0 – 50 ms) 0 – 12500 m (0 – 125 ms), 0 – 25000 m (0 – 250 ms), 0 – 50000 m (0 – 500 ms)
Distance instrumental error from 0.04% to 0.4% depending on subband measurements(From 1 m to 20 m, depending on the measurements subband VOP = 1.50)
The effective sampling rate 100 MHz
Range concerted resistance from 25 ohms to 600 ohms
Probe pulse duration from 10 ns to 100 ms
The amplitude of the probe pulse 10 a matched load
The sensitivity of the receiving path better than 1 mV
The dynamic range not less 80 dB
The setting range of the velocity factor VOP = 33.3% … 99.9% (step 0.1%)
Time delay adjustment range (pulse-arc method) from 0 to 4 ms (step 0.2 ms)
Synchronization (pulse-arc method)
  • measuring input
  • TRIG input
Continuous battery operating time at least 8 hours
Time of continuous operating time through the charger unlimited
Dimensions 70x246x124 mm
Operating temperature range from -20 °C to +40 °C
Weight with a battery not more than 2.5 kg

Standard set

Standard set:

  • Cable fault locator TDR-TA1.7
  • Power supply (charger) GSU15E-3
  • Connecting cables
  • User Manual
  • Accessories bag
  • Software CD


Arc Discharge Generator GI-TA

Arc Discharge Generator GI-TA expands TDR ability to locate high impedance defects which are not localized with low-voltage TDR method.



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