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Arc Discharge Generator GI-TA

Arc Discharge Generator GI-TA is designed to work on the fault location in combination with the TDRs: TDR-TA4.7 / TDR-TA1.7 / TDR-TA1.9 and with the third party TDRs (with ARM and ICE methods support), significantly expands their ability to location of high impedance defects which are not localize with low-voltage TDR method.


  • Completely self-powered device
  • Small size - a complex of free fits into a car trunk
  • Light weight


Supported measurement methods

Device provides the necessary conditions for the application of these modern non-destructive (without burning the insulation) search techniques of high impedance faults on power cables up to 10 kV:

  • Arc Reflection Method (ARM) with TDR-TA4.7, TDR-TA1.7, TDR-TA1.9
  • Impulse Current Method (ICE) with TDR-TA4.7, TDR-TA1.9


Technical characteristics
Output voltage range 0 … 10 kV
Levels of output voltage 4 kV, 10 kV
Charge modes
  • Direct charge of the cable (AUTO), for leakage current < 10 mA
  • Charge the built-in capacitor (MANUAL), for leakage current >10 mA
Embedded storage capacitors 4 uF / 10kV
Maximum stored energy 200 J
Arc stabilization time 1 ms … 10 ms (depends on external conditions)
Maximum allowable pulse voltage on all low-voltage connectors, designed for connection to the TDR
  • on the TDR connector: 60 V;
  • on the WAVE connector: 120 V;
  • on the TRIG connector: 20 V
Power supply Autonomous (battery)
The number of “shots” on a fully charged battery 100
Operating temperature range from -20 ° C to +40 ° C
Dimensions 520x320x300 mm
Weight 26 kg

Standard set

Components and delivery set

GI-TA package includes:

  • Arc Discharge Generator GI-TA - 1 item
  • Battery charger with an output voltage of 12 V and an allowable current of 2 A or more - 1 item
  • Connecting high-voltage cable – 2 item
  • GI-TA start keys – 2 items
  • User manual 341499-014-233133822 – 1 item
  • Calibration discharger – 1 item

Optional accessories (on request):

  • a special cable for removing the charge from the investigated lines
  • cable for supplying power to the GI-TA from the car cigarette lighter socket


Transitional Device UP-1

Transitional Device UP-1


Transitional Device UP-1 is a device used for electrical isolation between the measuring low-voltage TDR connector and energized cable line up to 380 V rms. UP-1 is compatible with any TDR instrument.

Specifications and Characteristics

  • The maximum allowable input voltage: 380 V RMS
  • Indication of voltage on the line: from 50 V
  • Overall dimensions: 120 mm * 65 mm * 40 mm
  • Weight: 0.2 kg
  • Working conditions:
    • operating temperature range from -20 to 40 °C
    • relative humidity 98%, at 25 °C
    • transportation and storage conditions from -50 to 50 °C.

Delivery Contents

  • Transitional Device UP-1 - 1 item
  • User Manual (tech. spec. 4221-009-23133821-15) - 1 item



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