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Induction clamp CI-110

CI-110 clamp are used for wireless induction of tracing signal from utility location transmitter to the located utility. Generally used for utility location at complex city areas.



Inductive clamp CI-110, CI-110/50, CI-110/100 and CI-110/125 are used for:

  • Contactless induction of signal into cable or conducting line. The signal should have specific frequency and limited power, generated by AG-105 or AG-120 location transmitter (AG-105 uses specific CI-105 clamp).
  • External locating receiver sensor when it is necessary to locate the cable in a bunch.

Operation method

Cable location (including lines under voltage)

  • Connect induction clamp to output socket of the transmitter.
  • Set the type of generation (pulse or continuous) and select signal frequency.
  • Brace the cable with clamp. Make sure, both half-rings touch each other.
  • Start the generation on transmitter.
  • Select transmitted frequency in location receiver settings menu and locate the utility.
  • After finishing the location, stop the generation on transmitter.
  • Remove the clamp from the cable.

Selection of the cable from a bunch

  • Induce tracing signal of test frequency on selected cable.
  • Select same frequency as on transmitter in locating receiver menu and locate the cable.
  • Connect inductive clamp to locating receiver.
  • Consequently, brace each cable one by one in a bunch. Maximum signal level on receiver screen will indicate the cable you are looking for.

Induction clamp CI-110

Available clamp diameters



Induction clamps application

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